Beating with the synchrony of the growing culture of NFT, Polygon has read out the latest unit, Polygon Studios, that comprise the Polygon Gaming Studio and Polygon NFT studio, to keep head above water in this developing era of NFT. Viewing an excellent potential for NFT, the Polygon is commencing this sector, Web 3. In its initial stages, Web 3, where artificial intelligence is the primary technology and other transactions are partitioned.

Web 1 is the primary era of cyberspace; for normal functionality. Web 2 for cloud computing, social networks, the way it is now.

Why Polygon Studios?

Aiming to use this platform to accelerate the progress of NFT, Polygon Studios has planned to set up the infrastructure for blockchain game builders. This also promotes to release of SDKs, investment in smaller companies. With Polygon Studios on track, gamers get a world-class opportunity to play and experience the great platform that big brands and franchises support.

Polygon asserts to accommodate 100,000 plus gamers and around 500 decentralised apps. A few NFT games are choosing polygon over Ethereum, considering the affordable gas fees. Polygon aims to reach big and stay unique in its terms and conditions.

Polygon’s Momentum

Ranked among the top 20 biggest cryptos globally, Polygon objects to do quicker transactions than Ethereum, and it’s looking forward to elevating from Web 2 to Web 3.