Mighty Lions Beach is a set of 5000 unique Mighty Lions on Polygon. 350 traits, 16 limited editions, and an unlimited amount of beach fun! Join the beach party by getting your lion. Lions will get perks. As soon as all the lions are sold, we will start to develop the Mighty Lions Beach game where you can use your own lion’s unique traits to compete with other lions. Each Mighty Lion costs only 0.065 ETH – because hey, the beach is for everyone.

Listing Type: FREE

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Project Name Mighty Lions Beach
Project Website https://mightylionsbeach.com
Twitter URL https://twitter.com/lions_beach
Discord Link http://discord.gg/snNS9JV2Jp
Public Sale Date (UTC) 11/29/2021
Number of Digital Assets 5000
Unit Price in ETH 0.065 ETH
Pre-sale Unit Price

0.04 ETH

Blockchain Platform Polygon