Project X is a core part of Blocks and Cryps and one that we believe will help to elevate all the NFT gangsters in the crews. Once all NFT’s have been minted, this will trigger the release of the ultra ultra ultra rare Tha Blockfather NFT and Tha Crypfather NFT. We will then speak to the community within the Metaghetto to decide who shall receive these coveted NFT’s and become the leader of the Blocks and the Cryps. The people chosen will be significant influencers and celebrities. We do have two people in mind already but these will be open to discussion with the community.

Listing Type: FREE

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Project Name Blocks and Cryps
Project Website
Twitter URL
Discord Link
Public Sale Date (UTC) 11/29/2021
Number of Digital Assets 500 Presale and 4002 altogether
Unit Price in ETH 0.16 Solana Main Mint
Pre-sale Unit Price

0.08 Solana Presale

Blockchain Platform Solana