Damien Hirst, the celebrated British artist, has also now assaulted the bandwagon of NFT distinctively through his latest work titled ‘The Currency.’ Hirst’s offers the choice to choose between the corresponding physical network and an NFT, and it is one of the most exciting features of his entry into the market of NFT and his work.

‘The Currency’ comprises 10,000 NFTs, which is corresponding to 10,000 art pieces of unique physical. “This is my global artwork experiment” is the first tweet posted by Hirst on 13 July. NFT’s can be purchased using Ether, Bitcoin, Dai, USD Coin, debit and credit cards and reported Paper Magazine.

NFT can be saved for the actual artwork. If you do that, NFT will be destroyed. And after a year, all NFT’s which have not been saved, that particular artwork will be destroyed. “The whole project is like an experiment, an experiment which is based on belief,” says Hirst. The proposal of Hirst gave rise to a mixed response on Twitter. Now it would be interesting to see them take on NFTs by the common people. His art can give a new rise to the popularity of NFTs globally